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Hello my name is Kate and welcome to my site for “Yoga on a Cloud!”, Yoga for Kids.
I would like to take the opportunity to tell you a bit about myself and what
“Yoga on a Cloud” is all about.

I first began attending Yoga classes a number of years ago and since then my
passion has been ever-growing. At the time I had recently undergone a major hip operation and was in search of a form of non-contact exercise to aid in my recovery. A form of exercise to strengthen my whole body without putting unnecessary pressure on
my joints…and that’s how I found yoga.

What was truly amazing for me, was that Yoga completely exceeded all my expectations.
I soon started to realise the extraordinary benefits went far beyond
strengthening and healing my body but flowed over into my mind and spirit.
Yoga really does combine the mind, body and spirit, bringing about a focus and calm I had never experienced before. After a few more years of practice I made the move to train and work with the inspirational Kathy Ran at her incredible yoga centre, Hot Zen in Bushey.

My other great passion in life is working with children. I own and run a company called
Party on a Cloud“, which specialises in children’s’ parties and events and also running themed holiday camps. I also regularly go into hospitals with charity “Spread a Smile’ to entertain and brighten the day of child patients.I soon began to seek a way of combining my two great passions for Yoga and children and in kind “Yoga on a Cloud”, – Kid’s Yoga was born!

I used my experience in both yoga and all the work I had done with children, to tailor make a specialised form of yoga for kids.

In conjunction with Hot Zen Yoga, where “Yoga on a Cloud” shall be running,
I am so excited to share some amazing, mindful classes where children will feel happy, uninhibited, free and energised

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