Benefits Of Kids Yoga

There are so many wonderful and salubrious benefits to Kids Yoga. Unlike many other physical or sports related activities, Kids Yoga is non-competitive and looks to take the entire class on a collective experience; We are all individuals in a Kids Yoga class, but also one united group. Kid’s Yoga doesn’t just promote healthy stretching and exercise, but focuses on improving and growing children’s’ minds, spirits, emotions and thoughts.

Children who are focused are able to learn more easily and will perform better in school.
In addition, children tend to behave better at home as well. Both Yoga and mediation are able to help bring out this focus.

Yoga is a great kids activity to combat stress; because yoga focuses on breathing and meditation, it is a natural stress reliever. This mind-body practice has been proven to reduce anxieties. Research shows that children who practice yoga-based movement are better able to regulate their emotions, manage stress, and calm themselves.

We all know the struggles that children face, from social media, peer pressure and wanting to fit in; Life can be hard. Through mindful thinking and sharing thoughts we can learn to appreciate our individual qualities and what we have to offer. It’s SO important that children know everyone is special in their own unique way, being present and listening to the good voice inside. This is something we learn at Yoga On A Cloud
Some of the amazing benefits your child could notice with yoga are:

  • Development of co-ordination and balance
  • Increased confidence in school
  • Increased confidence when trying something new
  • Expanding their imagination and creativity
  • Sense of calmness
  • Feeling free and uninhibited
  • Learning about their emotions
  • Improved strength and flexibily
  • Strengthening of concentration skills
  • Feeling an inner buzz through mediation
  • Feeling happy and energised in all aspects of life

For adults Yoga is all about finding our inner child, trying to retreat back to being a baby when our bodies where totally free and flexible… babies can quite easily touch their nose to their knees, but as adults we may struggle here!!

The great thing about doing yoga with kids is they are so young and impressionable, their bodies are flexible and yet to get into bad habits – so lets keep it that way! Their minds are like sponges, ready to soak up everything they see and experience, and doing yoga so young, I believe is a truly fantastic way to learn about a healthy body and mind and a great foundation for life ahead.

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