A totally unique and brand new style of camp for children aged 6 – 10 years!

These exciting, new camps combine Yoga, mindfulness and expressing yourself through performance and art.
Our days at camp will involve the following –

– Learning about & practicing Kids Yoga
– Yoga Obstacle Course
– Releasing yourself through expressive movement
– Meditations
– Mindful workshops and games
– Energising Activities
– Connecting with one another
– Performance art
– Self-expression
– Holistic Arts & Crafts

YOGA ON A CLOUD days are truly eventful, fulfilling and so much fun.

Each day incorporates all the key elements as discussed above but also focuses on slightly different aspects,

Days will include awakening ourselves and the world around us, starting something new; new ideas, new beginnings.

Living in the moment, finding the light and fulfilment in all things, exploring nature and being present.

Creations and imagination, acceptance of change; when one thing comes to an end, something else new and exciting begins.

You can book on for the full journies with the 3 days, or just book individual days too

For bookings please visit