Classes & Schedule

Running lunchtime clubs at various primary schools across North London and Hertfordshire.

These mindful classes targeted for ages 4 – 10 years will concentrate on something different each week. A new story, new adventures, new poses, new confidence building activities and learning to flow through the poses the more we learn and understand.

From opening our hearts with our back bends to grounding our roots with a steady or windy tree pose… Using props for balancing and connecting with one another through partner yoga . Each session  will close with a wonderful visual story meditation and most of all, the children will be feeling happy, safe  and relaxed at the end of each class.


We mustn’t forget to mention our super amazing ‘Meddy Teddy’ Mascot to cheer the kids on through each yoga pose!

I use Meddy Teddy as a wonderful tool to show the kids each pose which they in turn can copy! This can be a really fun and exciting way to learn each new yoga movement.


The children will surely have a wonderful and meaningful experience and enjoy the different themes Yoga On A Cloud has to offer. This creative form of movement will certainly stimulate the imagination and develop the creative mind.

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