What is Kids Yoga?

Kid’s Yoga has many similarities with yoga for adults, but also some distinct differences too. As you my be aware, there are many forms of adult yoga around such as Hot Yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga etc but Kid’s Yoga is a separate form of its own.
kidsqu It combines the ethos and poses of traditional yoga but is delivered to kids in the form of adventures and stories, using our creative minds and imagination. Throughout a class we will use the poses to tell our story and together go on an exciting journey.
Classes are also full of laughter and joy, where kids learn so much about their bodies and minds in a non-competitive, nurturing environment. Forget rows of people doing perfect poses for an hour or so… Kid's yoga is hugely playful, fun and freeing, allowing kids to feel expressive and creative with their bodies.

The world today can often be full of opportunities for over-stimulation and kids can have very busy lives putting pressure and demands on their attention and energies.

Kids yoga is a chance to be calm and develop skills that will be physically and mentally beneficial, in turn allowing kids to feel enriched and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

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